There are daily flights from Vancouver to Prince George. From there it is a 2.5 hour drive to the float plane base Lake District Air in Burns Lake. The float plane flight takes about 40 minutes. We arrange all necessary transportation upon booking.

The Whitesail Hunting Territory features an exceptional opportunity to experience “the classic hunt.” There are no roads in the vicinity and the territory borders Tweedsmuir Park, British Columbia’s largest provincial park. There has been only limited hunting allowed in the park for several decades; this makes for an above-average amount of wildlife in this area, in numbers as well as in size! Check Boone & Crocket’s “All Time Record Book” for our Trophy Mountain Goat entry!

We offer an all-inclusive getaway for hunters and fishermen in our 600 square mile hunting territory, one of western Canada’s last true wildernesses. The territory includes many glacier-fed lakes & rivers, high alpine, temperate rain forest, coniferous forest, mountains and glaciers making it incomparable in its geological and ecological diversity.


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Several cabins and outposts are established on numerous lakes or in the high alpine to provide the perfect location for successful hunts.  Don’t expect luxury, but everything you need will be provided.


We offer hearty home style meals customized to your needs


In the hunting territory we use a floatplane, boats, and ATVs. There are hunting trails in the area as well as hunting stands.

Our Team

Lucas Mueller owns the rights to this extraordinary hunting territory in the Whitesail Wilderness of the coast mountains in British Columbia. As passionate hunting guide, he offers the outdoor-loving hunter the opportunity at a classic hunt for Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Mountain Goat.

Whitesail’s team consists of experienced guides and assistants who will always provide you with professional and quality service. We strive to make each one of your hunting days an unforgettable experience. Your satisfaction is our best reputation!